I’m pleased to announce the renewal of Decem’s official website. Decem is the name of the art brand by myself, Yuri Okada.

I enjoy making jewelry, drawing pictures, and taking photographs as a hobby. I really liked the time I spent quietly putting down roots underground, and I thought it would always remain a fun, solitary hobby. Sometime later, I began to receive commissions to create them. In jewelry, they wanted to purchase a piece I was making for them. They also asked for a coaching service to create jewelry for them. Today, astrological information from personal bonding charts (life-purpose coaching) is often used to design completely personalized jewelry.

I’m also receiving more and more requests to purchase paintings. I would like to contribute to people through “preventive medicine,” “cognition,” and “psychology,” and abstract painting has an affinity with these as well.

In photography, I began to receive requests for portraits, asking me to take pictures of their outer appearance as it relates to their inner life.

Thus, my art, which began as a hobby, has changed into a state where there are recipients. This situation made me realize that there is a different kind of fascination that is not at all comparable to the time when I was devoting myself to the artwork on my own.

When I create a work of art based on the essence of the client’s intention, I am often surprised and moved by the work that emerges. Even more gratifying is when the client later tells me that the consciousness of the recipient has been transformed, and the real world has changed along with it.

My world and someone else’s world intersect like a chemical reaction. The artwork in various units such as “I,” “You,” “Me and You,” and “We,” brings expansion to my world. It is my pleasure to have something to pass on to this world as well. It is my desire to further accelerate the joy of circulation that has led me to renew the web.

The theme of my activities is “I being me, and you being you”. It seems that I’m giving my work to my customers, but in fact I’m receiving great pleasure from it myself.
Each artwork leaves a deep impression in my mind and heart, and when I recall it, I feel a warm feeling. I feel that the creation of each piece of artwork, one by one, is a way for me to bring my life into this world.