About Decem

I Am Who I Am,
You Are Who You Are

We celebrate the beauty of the world that emerges when people are who they are through the expression of art.


To a World Where Life Is Vibrantly Circulating While Loving Oneself.

The everyday life that allows me to continue creating artwork is precious. Follow the voice of my own body. What kind of place do I  feel easy to hear my heart be in and what do I harmonious to be surrounded by?

Following that voice, I sometimes lived by the ocean, holed up in the mountains, traveled through the nature of New Zealand, or went on a camping trip in Scandinavia. As I became more attuned to my body’s reactions, I began to be filled with things that I took in and touched that I felt were “full of the power of life.

Things that feel full of nature and love prepare me to connect more easily with my core. I feel that when I honor my true voice, life rejoices, and works of high purity are born.

When each life shines with vitality, we can be as our soul desires to be. Becoming aware of the true value of “existence itself” and “the expression of existence” leads to loving oneself. Everyone should be able to live their lives in this world while loving themselves. I believe that the world will be colored by such an irreplaceable cycle of life.

I also want to play a part in circulating my own life in this society.
To this end, I am committed to activities that my soul feels delighted is -To access the subconscious, to listen to the voice of the soul that even the individual is unaware of, to support those who wish to live according to their soul’s wishes, and to sublimate these as artworks.-I am continuing my activities with these three as my source.

To receive is to give, and to give is to receive. I will create with you, with whom I can resonate with the pleasure of living.

Concept of Decem

Spiri and body, the spiritual world and material society, stillness and movement, endings and beginnings, yin and yang―

There are many different pairs in the world.
At first glance, they appear to be opposites.
However, a pair is essentially encompassed within a continuous “circle.

To return to wholeness that includes both poles and the in-between, not one or the other.

Origin of  Decem

Decem is Latin for the asteroid Chiron. Chiron is located between the personal and transpersonal planets and is said to connect the material and spiritual worlds.

Decem means “ten” in Latin and is said to be the number that “attends a new beginning.” 10 is divided into two numbers, 1 and 9, which also mean “the union of yin and yang” and “beginning and end.

The two are one and the same. Our concept is to give form to the wishes that emerge from grasping the wholeness of the pair.


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